Friday, November 14, 2014

Wisdom from Winston

Dear Reader,

In my last post, I called upon my dear friend Winston Delgado to help me navigate the biblical phrase "Love Thy Neighbor" and dear Winston delivers as only he can.  Before I link to his wonderful response, let me properly introduce him.

WD was one of the very first people I met at freshman orientation at DePaul University in Fall of 1987.  I can still remember the large classroom we sat in waiting for orientation to start.  Me, small town girl just moved into big city, Winston a savvy and suave theatre major!  We introduced ourselves and began chatting.  Among his other talents, Winston has the gift of art.  As we talked, I told him how I marveled at seeing the Chicago skyline and he, practically automatically, began to draw it, skyscraper for skyscraper, getting the building outlines exactly right.  We had a lovely friendship freshman year together, both of us on the newspaper staff, Winston as cartoonist and the Bookcharmer as a photographer, toting my trusty Nikon.  Winston later transferred to another school, and in pre-email and Internet days, losing touch happened pretty often.

It is to this little blog I must give the credit for Winston finding me again!  We were quite happy to reconnect and I continue to be dazzled by his art and his knowledge of the Bible.  Click over here and see what I mean.

Thank you, Winston.

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