Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twenty Centuries of Paris by M.S.C Smith

The bookcharmer recently acquired a delicious volume: Twenty Centuries of Paris by M.S.C. Smith (Mabell Shippie Clarke Smith, 1864-1942). New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1913.

This delightful item was acquired at the recent SF Antiquarian Book and Paper Faire, which was described by a fellow fair goer as a "bibliographic petting zoo." Indeed! One might gently caress a fine binding, tenderly leaf through a modern autographed first edition, sigh over its loveliness, then move on. Only the bookcharmer's remarkably responsible sensibilities resulted in the purchase of but one item. But what an item it is, as the purchase was justified on the basis that this text was most certainly one of the sources Clara Laughlin would have consulted in studying Paris and preparing her own So You're Going to Paris text. A near certainty to be established once a generous patron supplies me with sabbatical and funding...or maybe just a week off and a ticket to the necessary archives...

But back to MSC Smith:

A full-out WorldCAT extravaganza has yet to occur, but the brief stolen moment of searching reveals MSC Smith also authored:

Book The maid of Orleans;
the story of Jeanne d'Arc for girls,
Author: Smith, Mabell S. C. 1864-1942.
Publication: New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Co. 1919
Document: English : Book
Libraries Worldwide: 20

Giving the bookcharmer more reason to suspect Clara Laughlin would have known of/known/read the works of Smith.

I will now attempt to upload a picture of the cover, which in itself would have justified the purchase of this beautiful book. I have even yet to rave about the fold out maps!

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