Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LCSH on Memory

Those familiar with the Bookcharmer's method of searching will immediately recognize one of her usual themes in the title of this post: yes, it is time to talk about Library of Congress Subject Headings again!

Today's LCSH: Memory

In particular, the subdivision --Social Memory

Which may be further subdivided geographically, or as the abbreviation reads, may subd geog.


Memory Social Aspects United States
Memory Social Aspects United States History
Memory Social Aspects United States History 18th Century

What are some examples of titles under these headings? Let's start with

Memory Social Aspects United States History

Women and the historical enterprise in America : gender, race, and the politics of memory, 1880-1945 / Julie Des Jardins

And under

Memory Social Aspects United States

Defining memory : local museums and the construction of history in America's changing communities / edited by Amy K. Levin.


Harriet Tubman : myth, memory, and history / Milton C. Sernett.

I am very interested in this concept of Social Memory and it would probably do me good to hop into Oxford Reference Online Premium to see how historians define this concept. I am thinking this approach will be value to the Caddie Woodlawn project in terms of how the American national memory has been constructed, through literature among other forums, on the concept of "the frontier."

There you have it: another LCSH with subdivisions.

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