Monday, February 9, 2009

Cricket in Times Square/Harry Cat's Pet Puppy

Just a little online note to myself to follow up with a longer investigation on the two titles above. Author: George Selden Thompson.

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Furious Buddha said...

I'm looking at your picture and bio and I'm stone cold certain that it's you. I don't know if you remember me as it's been twenty one or so years, but I went to DePaul's theater school for a year in the 80's. My name is John Meyers. I'm kind of stunned that I found you with the very first search I did. I mean, I'm pretty good with teh internets and all, but damn.
Please read this:
Winston is my penname.
If this essay is about you, it would be wonderful to hear from you. If you aren't who I think you are, I'm so sorry to bother you and I hope I haven't freaked you out. But I know it's you. You look great and it seems you're doing something you enjoy.
Anyway, I'm going to read your blog for a while.