Friday, September 11, 2009

Free Topic: Roberts, Helen M., 1896-

Greetings, readers and hopefully researchers in need of a topic. I shall write of how I came upon this author presently, but first the discovery:

Helen M. Roberts, born 1896. Author of at least 30 and possibly as many as 40 unique titles, many of them with the subject heading:

Indians of North America -- California -- Fiction.

She evidently wrote a series, Mission Tales. The bibliographic evidence reads:

[Mission tales : stories of the historic California missions / Helen M. Roberts ; illustrations by Muriel Lawrence
Imprint Stanford, Cal.] : Stanford Univ. Press, [1947-48]
Edition Preliminary ed. distributed for special educational use

Stanford UP? In the late 40's? Distributed for special educational use?

The bookcharmer offers this author up to researchers in search of a topic, because a. she is supposed to be focusing on CEL anyway, not topic shopping herself, b. because she found this author and this potentially shocking/hair raising series of titles (how were California Indians portrayed in this series for children???) while preparing a list of subject headings for a class she is co-teaching Monday and should be finishing that instead of even writing this blog post.

A few hints, if you want this topic:

Link+ does not provide evidence of a monograph, so check worldcat. Then check, oh, let's say the Proquest dissertations database, a good biography index like Biography and Geneaology Master Index, then its off to Book Review Digest.

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