Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bibliographic Voyages

Greetings Gentle Readers,

I hasten to brush the virtual dust of this blog and resume my forthright promotion of all things LCSH. Without further ado, the first subject heading of the year that has caught my eye:

Voyages around the world

If you go to http://authorities.loc.gov/ and choose Search Authorities you can type in this heading for yourself and see that the subject heading Voyages around the world is

Used For/See From:
Tours around the world
Travel books
Trips around the world
Voyages around the world 1951-1980
Voyages around the world 1981-

and that you will find more information if you
Search Also Under:
International travel
Voyages and travels

You can continue explorations of this concept in your favorite online catalog, or consortial catalog, at your leisure to ponder the subdivided headings. I also recommend typing in this subject heading:

Voyages And Travels

to see where it will take you!

Happy New Year, and may there be many charming books in your path for 2011.

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