Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bookcharmer smiles on Oxford again!

For verryly, the Bookcharmer is pleased! Not only has Oxford responded swiftly to my plaint about directing students to use something called a "Google Wallet" and removed the offending option, my less clearly voiced desire to implement what we in libraryspeak call a "Link Resolver" has also been implemented!

A Link Resolver you ask? Where and why? Well, as I mentioned in my previous grouchy post, one of the reasons I frequently go to Oxford Reference's stable of sources is to find bibliographies. If you bring up an entry, say the entry Narrative Art in The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture for example, you find a useful bibliography at the end of the entry. Naturally, you wish to consult these sources. When you use your mouse to click the Find This Resource option, you are now presented with the familiar (to this campus) Get Text link which will link you into our Library Catalog. So, with two simple clicks, I can see that M. Stansbury-O’Donnell's Pictorial Narrative in Ancient Greek Art (Cambridge, 1999) is indeed available on the 7th floor of King Library!

Oxford, thank you. A grateful and happy Bookcharmer.

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