Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Shelfie Time!

Greetings Readers!

The Bookcharmer has been swept away by Social Media and is grabbing your hand to pull you along.  A friendly little competition between USF's Gleeson Library and the SJSU King Library has emerged in celebration of Library Shelfie Day!

Here's the breakdown:  if the #SpartanShelfie and #LibraryShelfie @SJSU gets more pictures posted on Twitter/Instagram tomorrow, SJSU Wins!

And we're going to win!  We have 8 stories and a Lower Level of collections, so charge up your cell phones, update your twitter and instagram account, and get ready to show our Spartan Pride!

I'm going to check in with my esteemed colleagues at USF Gleeson for the other rules and proprieties we should observe, but for now, please read their challenge on this phenomenon known as #LibraryShelfie:  http://gleesongleanings.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/instagram-library-shelfie-day-12914/

What are the stakes, besides Spartan Pride and bragging rights?  Well, currently on the table:  USF ponies up with a nice box of Ghirardelli, we'd have to supply a tasty box of San Jose's own Schurra's chocolates should we somehow not manage to crash the internet with our #SpartanShelfies.

More details to come...but USF Gleeson?  We're partial to dark chocolate...

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