Monday, May 19, 2008

The Library Congress Subject Heading of Werewolves

Puzzling over how to efficiently create a bibliography of new titles led me to the page on our library website where new items are listed out by month. Easy enough to generate a list by scanning to the N section then copy and paste all the N titles, but of course this isn't going to get things in photography (T) and other interdiscplinary type items.

I started exploring the pre-set categories just out of interest, and also the idle hope that there would be one for new Reference titles. I selected new fiction about California, since I just finished China Blues, a novel about San Francisco.

California as place as a setting for novels--my goodness it is popular. And of course, the application of LCSH to fiction always captivates the Bookcharmer.

The most entertaining heading discovered is:

Werewolves -- California -- Los Angeles -- Fiction.

Which of course leads me to click on it to see all of the applications of this heading and its subheadings:

Werewolves 10
Werewolves Alaska Fiction 2000 1
Werewolves Bibliography 1975 1
Werewolves California Los Angeles Drama 2005 1
Werewolves California Los Angeles Fiction c2008 1
Werewolves Canada Drama 2003 1
Werewolves Colorado Denver Fiction c2000 1
Werewolves Drama 6
Werewolves Encyclopedias c2005 1
Werewolves England London Fiction 3
Werewolves Europe History c1997 1
Werewolves Fiction 88
Werewolves Georgia Fiction c2003 1
Werewolves Juvenile Fiction 15
Werewolves Juvenile Films 3
Werewolves Juvenile Literature 5
Werewolves West U S Fiction

Did you notice there are 88 titles with the LCSH "Werewolves--Fiction"?

For my readers seeking an overview, why not have a look at:

A Lycanthropy reader: werewolves in Western culture / edited by Charlotte F. Otten.
Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 1986.
Description xvi, 337 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Note "Medical cases, diagnoses, descriptions; trial records, historical accounts, sightings; philosophical and theological approaches to metamorphosis; critical essays on lycanthropy; myths and legends; allegory."
Includes index.
Bibliography Bibliography: p. 321-324.
Subject Werewolves.

Discussion topic: If there is an LCSHeading for a concept, does that make it real?

Examples for discussion include:

Democracy (may sub'd geographically) <--little humor for you here!

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